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Create gamified courses

This free elearning scenario template is based on animated panels with 3 options. Users have to choose one option per round and this will add points in one of three subtotals called RED, BLUE and BLACK.

At the end of the game, users will see the points earned in each color and the total points from all rounds. You can show a different feedback for each combination or a general feedback for any combination.


How to use this Scenario Template

Likert scales

This scenario for Storyline can be used for serious games or Likert scales. Users can specify their level of agreement or disagreement with a statement, for ie. Therefore, the scores will capture the intensity of their feelings for a given topic.


Conditional paths

Each user’s option could redirect to a specific question. This can be done by creating a trigger on the “Continue” button that appears in the feedbacks. Add as many rounds as you like by copying and pasting slides. You should always create new variables for each round: 3_RED, 3_BLUE, etc.

Storyline 360

If you never used Storyline, you can use it for free for 60 days. Remember to come back when your trial ends, we are Articulate partners and we have the best annual subscription prices plus additional assets for customers.


It’s NOT RECOMMENDED to modify the Motion Paths of the panels. Simply replace the images and texts for each option. You can replace the points to be added too. As you know, this is on the Storyline Triggers Panel.

Resources for a Better Elearning Experience

This template and others are used to create Storyline courses faster. Replacing content is much easier than creating layers, triggers, objects, and states. If you are looking for a complete Storyline template with +40 animated slides, visit LabStory page.

Frequent questions about Storyline templates

When you open this template on Storyline 360 you will see the whole project. In each of the slides you will find different Objects, Layers and States containing the texts and images, the image below is from LabStory template. Once you find what you want to change, you can edit it. Images can be edited by right click and choosing  “Replace Image”. The logo on the side bar can be edited from the “Player” menu. You could also change colors to match your brand guidelines. You can edit every item as much you like… have fun!

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