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Free animated titles and more

TecnoHub includes a Storyline dial template and some extra animated slides: titles, index and a table with layers. You’ll see the color palette to add slides and keep the same theme. Or you can change everything, after all it is just a starter template.

These layouts and animations are from our premium theme LabStory and look great on phones.


TecnoHub features

Titles templates

These animated title slides make an excellent first impression. The colored figures in the background are simple shapes that move on paths. It loads faster than video backgrounds and always displays in high resolution.

Free Storyline dial template selector

Dial template

We try to reduce the amount of elements so that the content is displayed without distraction. There are no unnecessary miscellaneous, so the messages arrive clean and without elements that could decrease their value.

Table template

TecnoHub includes layouts to present a two-page index and a layered table. Colors and fonts make the style not stand out above texts and images. Changing objects is easy thanks to the names of each element.

Free Storyline table template

This Storyline template uses demo images from the Articulate Content Library. You will need to have a subscription to Articulate 360 to use them in your course, or you can replace them with those of your own.

Make a Better Elearning Experience

This template and others are used to create Storyline courses faster. Replacing content is much easier than creating layers, triggers, objects, and states. If you are looking for a Elearning Scenario Template, download this free asset.

Frequent questions about Storyline Templates

When you open this template on Storyline 360 you will see the whole project. In each of the slides you will find different Objects, Layers and States containing the texts and images. Once you find what you want to change, you can edit it. Images can be edited by right click and choosing  “Replace Image”. You could also change colors to match your brand guidelines. You can edit every item as much you like… have fun!

Edit dial layer in Storyline